Hello December! 4 Destinations in India this Holiday Season

And in December’s gloomy shades, some Chickweed stars did shine.


Hello December!

There are numerous articles suggesting places to visit in December or even celebrate Christmas or New Years in various places. I have not been everywhere, hence I can only suggest the places among those that I have already visited. So here’s a list of places in each direction of the country that you can visit this December, before bidding adieu to 2016-the year of Monkey.


Srinagar-for the chills


Cause December is all about winters and so is Kashmir. If not a long trip, a short trip to experience the spine chilling winters, eased by the heat from the Kangri is what I am suggesting here. The whole of Kashmir, including Srinagar is covered in a shroud of white snow making it appear as the Kingdom of Elsa (Disney lovers would get this reference). Dal Lake Shikara ride in Srinagar is even more one of a kind experience during winters as its not a tourist season and if peace is what you seek, this is a place to be. 

So put your Pheran on, lit up the Kangri and sip on a cup of Kahwah right beside the Dal Lake this December.


Kolkata-for the Christmas

took this on Christmas Eve.


Durga Puja is no doubt the biggest festival in Kolkata, but there’s something about the Park Street Christmas, that you just cannot escape. Amit Chaudhari, in one of his works described the Park Street Christmas to be even better than the London Christmas. It is Kolkata’s prime winter festive indulgence. Christmas is celebrated in almost every part of the country today, but what makes the celebration here so special is the remembrance of the Christmas celebrated during the Raj as well as the post independence Anglo-Indian celebration.The state tourism department organises a fortnight long celebration at Park Street involving a parade. 

The weather is just perfect and so is the mood in the city and nobody can beat the Bengali’s in decoration and food. Hence, the whole package for a holiday this December.


Kerala-For the cultural storytelling



Head to North Kerala this December to witness the dance of God’s and demons in a very popular temple festivals called Theyyam or Kaliyattam. It is a colourful ritual dance prominent to the Malabar region and is performed in front of the local shrine in various villages in this region. Theyyam performances are based on the legends and stories relating to demons, witches, deities and sometimes the local heroes as well. 

Its not something that one would plan on doing, especially in such a festive month. But who said you have to be a conventional traveler all the time. Here’s a Theyyam Calendar that will help you plan your unconventional visit to the southern state this December.


Gujarat-For the seasonal photo shoot


It’s the time this seasonal salt Marsh is opened to general public to make full use of. How you ask? Photography of course! Its the perfect white backdrop that you can ever find. The best time is to visit during a full moon night to witness the shimmering white salt crystals. Even on other days the sunrise and sunset at this place is a must see.Tourism department of Gujarat organises Rann Utsav close to the white desert, adding all the festivities to this location.

So this December this barren salty land could help you get those #nofilter instagram worthy pictures you always wanted.


New York, cause its New Years eve and watching the ball drop at Time Square, isn’t that something everyone wants to do? 


So, where’s your December at?


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